Fdp Cgg Gov In

  • Employment Details Cgg

    Finance department, government of andhra pradesh regular employee details note : please read the guidelines sent by department before filling the form, in capital

  • Government of Andhra Pradesh Finance Department Portal

    Url: and “click” on the web link “finance department portal” provided from 03 10 2013 in the home page the

  • Government of Andhra Pradesh Abstract Cgg

    Department portal at “” by using their existing log in id (ddo code) issued by the director of treasuries and accounts (dta) using the

  • Government of Andhra Pradesh Cgg

    “Fdpcgggovin” drpvramesh principal secretary to government(r&e) to all special chief secretaries / principal secretaries / secretaries to

  • Annexure to Finance Dept Dated

    The dd os have to login to the website “” by using their existing log in id (ddo code) issued by the director of treasuries and

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