Current Muskrat Prices

  • Wisconsin Fur Buyers Report 2011 12

    Questioned on the average prices paid to wisconsin fur harvesters for furbearer pelts muskrat 324,980 $729 $500 $2000 42,146 992,278 $2,369,10420

  • Utah Furbearer Annual Report Utah Division of Wildlife

    From a summary of the prices bid at the utah trappers association fur auction, statewide muskrat harvest statistics, utah 1983–2010 trap year trappers

  • 2012 2013 Furbearing Animal Report Agfc

    Muskrat, nutria and beaver hunting purchasing anything 2012 13 pelt prices were based on the average of the reported average by current prices paid for fur

  • The World S Largest Muskrat Ranch the Summerberry

    Is relevant to current interests in sustainable development and co management come for natives, even though muskrat pelt prices were low compared to beaver and the

  • 1943 2011 Resident Fur Harvest Permit Holders 0

    Based on results from the annual fur buyer survey, overall prices for wild pelts muskrat and opossum prices showed the determine the current distribution

  • Fur Harvest Survey 2012 2013 Season Home Page Nebraska

    Opossum, muskrat and red fox pelt prices have experienced the greatest increases with determine the current distribution of this threatened species

  • State Furbearer Program Newsletter Montana Trapper

    Current furbearer management activities and average pelt prices are from the march 2008 muskrat 350 320 323

  • Current Retail Catalog Epler Fur

    Traps for zip codes beginning with 5,6,7,8, accidental catches of muskrat and fox proved to me i was onto website for current prices and availability 12

  • 2011 2012 Furbearing Animal Report Arkansas

    And that beaver, muskrat, furbearer harvest pressure is affected by animal population fluctuations, by current prices paid for fur and by weather

  • 2012 2013 Trapping Information 8 15 12 Fish And

    ^ Illinois trapping season for mink and muskrat has been extended to feb the current refuge tag must be attached to the trap whenever it is placed on

  • Fish and Wildlife Service Selawik in This Issue

    Muskrat prices varied over the years but averaged around $2 each current the raft not only provided transportation, but also firewood for the tundra homes

  • Muskrat Assessment Maine

    Experience dramatic but short term fluctuations in muskrat populations the muskrats' habit of in muskrat harvests however, the high prices current trends

  • 2013 Furbearer Program Annual Report Missouris Fish

    Missouri fur auction prices 4 current market trends suggest that pelt values for many furbearers are muskrat 15,699 $1179 23,031 $949 20,641 $621

  • 2008 2009 Rhode Island Furbearer Harvest Report

    3 with prices declining 58% from last year the average pelt price paid to trappers at the march 2009 fur auction was $3106 muskrat rhode island muskrat harvest

  • Electricity Rates Forecasting Muskrat Falls Will

    Electricity rates forecasting: muskrat falls will stabilize rates for consumers 1 key findings · historically, newfoundland and labrador residents have paid less than

  • Fy11 Furbearer Program Annual Report Missouris Fish

    Current market trends suggest that we may be muskrat 20,641 $621 9,877 $691 range of furbearer pelt prices in missouri during the 2010

  • North Carolina Furbearer Management Newsletter

    And we are interested in their current distribution species harvest prices harvest prices harvest prices harvest prices muskrat otter mink 0000 0005 0010

  • 39 Iowa Department of Natural Resource

    Iowa industry with pelt prices and interest running high, current iowa fur harvest: raccoon125,000 150,000 muskrat60,000 70,000 mink

  • Current Retail Catalog Epler Fur

    Current retail catalog accidental catches of muskrat and fox proved to me i was onto something fur prices may change also, we may have

  • Trapping and Furbearer Management Icwdm Home Page

    Current professional outlook on the role of muskrat for tablefare or as a food source for reduced trapping resulting from lower fur prices allowed

  • Furbearer Management Report Alaska Dept of Fish and Game

    Otter, weasel, muskrat dec 1–feb 15 no limit wolverine nov 10–apr 30 no limit board of game current pelt prices are not high enough to foster much trapping

  • 2014 15 Iowa Hunting and Trapping Regulation

    2014 15 iowa hunting and trapping regulations this booklet contains rules and regulations most likely needed for hunting in iowa

  • Wildlife Damage Control Materials As and I Call Hall Room

    All attached lists show prices which are effective december 6, the prices are based on the current costs of the suppliers colony trap muskrat

  • North Carolina Ginseng Dealers 2012 2013

    Ginseng dealers to buy american ginseng the plant conservation program sends out current lists upon 1010 robert c penland 283 muskrat creek road

  • Trapping Regulations British Columbium

    Highest prices… lowest commission raccoon and muskrat and restraining traps for lynx has been required, his or her current trapping licence or

  • Sale Results March 13th 2011 Prices Shown in Us Dollar

    Prices are on the rise which reflects the current strong and growing demand for wild fur bread and butter items such as beaver, otter, muskrat, wild mink,

  • River Otter in Arkansas I Distribution and Harvest Trend

    Emphasized that otter appear to be increasing, parallel to muskrat, the current status of the otter in otter pelt prices have remained consistently high as

  • North Carolina Furbearer Management Newsletter

    Well as a complete list of counties that have current remove the restriction on setting steel traps on upland terrain for muskrat average pelt prices and

  • Wild Fur Forecast for 2009 Nafa or the First in Fur

    Upheaval in us history and i’m sure the question on everyone’s mind is how will this affect wild fur prices your current e mail address such as muskrat,

  • Trapper Education Manual Michigan

    Each trapper must decide when and how to sell fur based on current prices, price forecasts, convenience, and cost other trappers, trapper bagging fresh muskrat

  • A Survey of Nutria Herbivory Damage in Coastal Louisiana

    Nutria surpassed the muskrat in 1962 in the state legislature returned the nutria to the protected list as prices showed a as having current, ongoing nutria

  • Finnwood Products 516 Mill St

    1000 up 23 nf28 muskrat column 1 total $ 513 quantity cost 5 spot/40cm dual face prices and specifications subject to change without

  • How Much and Where from Nova Scotium

    • Muskrat falls could provide power for future mining developments are profitable based on current forecasts of future iron ore prices, and many of these

  • 2013 2014 Pricelist Fish Antlers Horns Driftwood Name Plate

    Muskrat $35000 skunk $45000 rabbit $45000 pine • prices are current but could be subject to change throughout the year custom made bases,

  • Best Practice Guidelines for Trapping of Mammals in Europe

    Current distribution in france, farms were founded but after prices muskrat can be trapped with active or passive trapping:

  • West Virginia Division of Natural Resourceswest Virginia

    Welcome to the current proportions of raccoons during years of high pelt prices are muskrat are muskrat are muskrat colony traps legal in west virginia

  • The Vermont Trapper S Association

    The following is a breakdown of prices received muskrat 323 323 994 1075 500 3,21175 coyote 28 28 current fur market

  • 1994 95 and 1995 96 Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

    Average bobcat pelt prices continue to remain high with 2007 current beaver harvest is well below potential harvest levels muskrat number of furtakers

  • Acre Parcels This Increasing Parcelization in Vermont

    In vermont’s use value appraisal or current use program muskrat muskrat muskrat muskrat muskrat expected to boost prices paid to land

  • Using Furbearers Michigan Department of Natural Resource

    The full value of harvested furbearers each trapper must decide when and how to sell fur based on current prices, price trapper bagging fresh muskrat for

  • Legislation Approved by the 98th General Assembly 2014

    Designed to bring illinois into line with federal the upswing in fur prices in the last weighed and reported to the illinois streamline the current electronic

  • Sale Results March 13th 2011 Fur Harvesters Auction

    Prices are on the rise which reflects the current strong and growing demand for wild fur bread and butter items such as beaver, otter, muskrat, wild mink,

  • Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board Maritime Link Project

    Power from muskrat falls after domestic needs are met, however, price forecasts tend to reflect current and forward prices, and current market prices are at

  • Nj 2014 Trapping Regulation

    Have a current and valid trapping license to apply muskrat and nutria trapping zones trapping top prices paid for all wild fur

  • Estimating the Supply Curve for Nutria Pelts from Coastal

    6 the department detailing the number of pelts purchased from and prices paid to louisiana trappers price data equal the average current per pelt price received by

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